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The aftercare that you give your new tattoo will greatly affect the healing process. It is your responsibility to follow our guidelines. If you have any questions feel free to stop by or call us. Please be sure to read the left sidebar content.

Your new tattoo has been covered with a protective ointment and bandage. The purpose of this is to allow your body to absorb the pigment applied, to lessen the discharge of blood and plasma, and to provide protection of your newly tattooed skin. It is imperative that your bandage is left on undisturbed for a minimum of six (6) hours.

Leaving your bandage on overnight is usually best, but it can be left on undisturbed for up to 24 hours. This means that you MUST NOT take your bandage off to look at or “show-off” your new tattoo until at least six (6) hours have elapsed. By prematurely breaking the “seal” we've made with the protective ointment and bandage you will be allowing oxygen to come in contact with the seepage of blood/plasma. This exposure will undoubtedly cause the blood/plasma on the skin's surface to dry and harden. This will create excessive scabbing resulting in the loss of color and shading.

It is best to lightly soak your bandage with warm water while removing. This will prevent the bandage from sticking to your skin. After removing your bandage wash your tattoo with warm soapy water, using only your fingertips. You will want to wash away all of the protective ointment, and all of the blood/plasma on the surface of your skin. Most soaps work well, but we have found that using a dye and fragrance fee antibacterial soap works the best.

Make sure to rinse and dry your new tattoo thoroughly. Once dry, check to make sure that there are not any 'shiny areas' on your skin. If there are make sure to re-wash to remove this build up of dried plasma. Taking the time to do this after washing will prevent the formation of a scab. Avoid direct shower spray on your new tattoo during the healing process. The cleansing of your tattoo should be performed 2-3 times daily until healed. (Average healing time is 7-10 days)

DO NOT REBANDAGE your tattoo!

Eucerin Lotion (Original Formula), Curel, Aquaphor, Lubriderm and/or any glycerin based lotions that are dye and fragrance free appear to be the best products available for aftercare use. The lotions should be applied with clean hands at lease 2 to 3 times a day, especially after each washing.

Do not let your tattoo dry out, and do not over apply the Lotion. We have found that because the above mentioned lotions are glycerin based, they allow the newly applied tattoos to “breathe” and heal much faster than other lotions.

Any mineral oil based product clogs the skin's pores and does not allow the skin to “breathe” effectively. If you chose to use Bag Balm, it should be rubbed into the skin, and then after a few minutes it should all be wiped off (using a damp towel works best). Bag Balm seems to require less applications per day, but should be checked throughout the day for dryness. Should you experience any problems using these products, please contact us.

Do Not use antibiotic ointments or take oral antibiotics unless your physician has prescribed them. You do not prevent infection with an antibiotic, you prevent infection by keeping your tattoo clean! These ointments are ALL mineral oil based and keep oxygen, a natural healing agent, from reaching the skin's surface. Additionally, many people have allergic reactions to antibiotics.

Exposure to Sunlight and Artificial UV Rays will DESTROY your tattoo!!!

To keep your colors vibrant after your tattoo is healed it is best to keep it out of the sun. At the very least, apply a sun block with a minimum sun protection factor of “SPF 15” ½ hour before exposure and several times throughout the day.

Your new tattoo was applied professionally with sterile equipment, and if you will conscientiously attend to the aftercare, problems with healing will be minimized.

Here are some things to avoid during the first two (2) weeks:

  • DO NOT… expose to sunlight and/or ultraviolet (UV) rays
    (See statement above for more information regarding future sunlight and/or ultraviolet exposure)
  • DO NOT… soak in water (i.e.: Hot Tub, Bathtub, Pools, Sauna, etc.)
  • DO NOT… expose to excessive wind (Avoid 'Wind Burn')
  • DO NOT… allow elastic from undergarments to come into contact with your new tattoo
    (This includes direct contact with pantyhose)
  • DO NOT… shave over the tattooed area until it is fully healed
  • DO NOT… pick or scratch at any scaling or peeling that may occur
    (This will result in the loss of color and shading)
    During the healing process eat a nutritious diet and take a vitamin/mineral supplement. This is very important; it will help your body to heal itself more quickly. Never touch your tattoo with dirty hands!

After your tattoo is healed you will experience some loss of color intensity. This is normal and will vary depending on the aftercare it receives as well as your skin color. Remember… Your tattoo is under the top layer of skin.

Please understand that should any adjustments be required to your new tattoo after the first 90 days, it will be done at your own expense.

Most problems with healing are caused by:

  • Removing your bandage too soon. (Leave the bandage on for at least six hours)
  • Not cleansing your tattoo properly. (Wash & rinse well! Avoid Direct Shower Spray)
    Using lotions or ointments that we have not recommended.
  • Applying improper amounts of lotion. (Keep it 'moisturized', not dry and not greasy)
    Exposure to sunlight, UV rays and /or wind.
  • Soaking in a hot tub, swimming pool, bathtub or sauna.
  • If you follow the above guidelines your new tattoo will heal somewhat like sunburn, with the top layer of skin peeling off after approximately 3-4 days.

If you experience any problems while your newly applied tattoo is healing and you wish to consult with a physician please contact us first. We will be happy to help you in any way we can. However, please understand that we are not physicians; rather we will offer suggestions based upon our many years of experience in healing tattoos.

Thank You! Enjoy Your New Tattoo!


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