Established in 1982, at Pikes Peak Tattoo® we offer our very best to each and every client. Tattooing is a very personal art form. We strive to stay away from the "cookie cutter" reputation that many of today's studios have earned. If you are in a hurry to get your tattoo done and over with... we suggest that you further explore our site to find out why this is a BAD idea and we thank you for visiting us.

We are truly artists!

We do our best to provide you with a great tattoo with the desire to return to us for more! We are thankful for our long-time clients and their referrals

We encourage you to shop around and get educated about not only the studio, but the body artist(s) that you are wanting to receive a tattoo from. They are not all "created equal"! We strive to innovate new techniques within our industry.

We can be accessed at the studios directly via e-mail during our normal hours of operation via the contact links on the navigation bar. Individual artist links are also available.

Our studios in Colorado Springs offer "High Altitude Tattooing at its Finest!". Your Body Art Experience will include:

  • A Clean and Friendly Professional Atmosphere with Certified, Experienced Artists.

  • No Smoking in the Entire Establishment.

  • No Food or Drinks or Pets Allowed. (Please, only well behaved kids!)

  • We accept Cash, Major Credit Cards and Travelers Cheques (Sorry...No Checks!).

  • With Professional Studios and Professional Artists we encourage you to "Experience the Difference!"
    We don't have a pool table or pinball machine, and you won't find us smoking or eating while you are getting your Body Art!

Our studios use the most modern, "Hospital Type" (autoclave) sterilization techniques. Our Autoclaves are Spore Tested bi-weekly, as required by the State of Colorado and El Paso County Environmental Health Department.

Equipment is kept in sealed sterilization pouches, and these are opened in front of each client. Everything is "single use". This includes the pigments, gloves, protective aprons, protective barriers as well as the New Needles that are discarded into a sharps container immediately after every tattoo... right before your eyes!

Please feel free to ask any questions regarding our procedures. We do not have anything to hide.

Please check on the Studios Link for our business hours and driving directions.

AND... as we mentioned earlier we are TRULY artists. Many of us delve into other art forms and media from pottery, oil painting, sculpting, and many more. You will be able to see our "fine art" (that's not on skin) right here on-line. Check back for more details.


Sorry, but it is our company policy ...

We do not tattoo anyone under the age of 18 years of age.

We do not tattoo hands, faces or necks.
(The only exception is permanent cosmetics on the face).




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