How to Pick Your Piercer...

Ok folks so here we are again, in our last article we talked about why price shopping for piercing isn’t such a great idea. We will now discuss another important topic, how to pick your piercer.

Wait a moment, but I thought all piercers were the same? You may say to yourself. The short answer is no, we are not. Each individual piercer is just as unique as the skills or the piercing that you may want so how do you go about finding one that fits your needs?

Well first things first, what kind of piercing do you want? Is it something simple as a nostril or something complex like an ear project? Do you want it just for aesthetics or do you want to make it into more of a spiritual moment? These are all questions that you should ask yourself and when you have answers then we can go and find you a piercer that suits your individual needs. 

So when you find a studio that you like find the piercer and take a good look. Now I will admit most piercers I know defiantly take their look to “outside” norms. They may have dyed hair or a funky cut, they may have a few visible piercings or they may look like they fell into a tackle box with all the metal they have.  Taking  a look at their portfolio is always a great spot to get a feel on what skills a piercer may have. It should contain a good selection of photos that showcase the piercers skills, it may also contain any awards they have won, classes they may have taken or magazines that they may have been in.

Once you have taken a look through their portfolio see if you can talk to them for a moment. If they are busy see if you can come back another time or schedule an appt for a consultation for your piercing. Never be afraid to ask as many questions as you feel the need to. They should be willing to accommodate and answer any concerns you may have it is after all YOU that getting pierced, and you need to feel comfortable.  Ask about their qualifications, what experience they have had with the particular piercing your getting, what type of jewelry is best to heal, what the usual healing time is, ect. Ask to see their autoclave log, milling sheets, the jewelry, tools, needle that are used in the procedure.

Don’t be afraid to tell them your concerns about the piercing and particularly your needs. The last thing you want to happen if your looking for a spiritual experience is for the piercer to inhibit or treat it like nothing special is going on. If you have chosen the spiritual path explain a little about your spirituality and what you would like for the piercing. I personally have done numerous ritual piercings for many faiths, from just saying a few words to all day events. Incorporating your faith into a modification can be a wonderful thing, but you have to let us know that’s what you would like. There is nothing wrong with having something just because you like it either. My personal modifications run along both lines I have somethings to mark a certain point in my life, some because I liked how they looked, some I got because I liked the history of it, and some I got just because, and no other reason.


Build a good relationship with the piercer you choose.

Asking a complete stranger to poke a hole in you is an incredibly scary thing but, asking someone your comfortable with in their skill and demeanor it suddenly becomes a lot easier. Building a good relationship with your piercer can make that nostril piercing a great experience you can laugh and joke to break the tension. It can make that life affirming tongue split even more memorable. Its up to you to choose how you interact with them, now granted you cant make a mean person lighten up when their piercing you but then why are you getting pierced by someone that doesn’t make you comfortable? Well that’s all for now folks I hope you have a great time reading this and I hope you find it helpful. Just remember it’s a big world out there but with the right piercer it gets a little better.