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We here at Pikes Peak Tattoo want a way to say Thank You to our Active Enlisted as well as Retired Enlisted Military Personnel.  We thought of several different ways via discounts, referral discounts and etc.......  This just didn't seem to be enough, so we said to ourselves hummm............. how about honoring these wonderful people by paying tribute to the past, present and future.  We dug into our archives and came up with original military tattoo designs from the 1940's to the present!  So if your looking for some of the original tattoos that were worn by maybe your dad, grandfather or great grandfather, we have those!  We also have the ability to create something from these old designs into a modern version.

We want to honor the old buddy system, which is an important tradition for our military. Bring your buddy with you and when you get a tattoo from our selection of  military/patriot designs; up to a value of $250.00  your buddy will get a tattoo of equal value for half price! You can bring in your own military designs or unit patches to receive this same discount.

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U.S.A.F.A. P.T.W.O.B.'s

    It has been a time honored tradition since 1990 that the new members of the A.F.A. Parachute Team have received their P.T.W.O.B. tattoo from Pikes Peak Tattoo.  Our studio has done these tattoo's from 1990 through 2011 to include one of the well known instructors "Odie" who graduated in 1986.

    Keep up an old tradition!  Come back to the original home of the P.T.W.O.B tattoo and receive a substantial discount!!!


The Yates Family Tattoo Legacy

     Those of us that live in Colorado Springs, CO are vastly aware of the abundance of tattoo studios scattered throughout the city.  Most people are not aware that statistics show Colorado Springs has one of the highest number of tattoo studios per capita in the United States.  Many studios open for a short period of time before having to close their doors, however one family of tattoo artists have thrived in Colorado Springs for close to 70 years!  

Who? you ask............. Us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

     The late Big Bud Yates began tattooing in Colorado Springs, CO in the 1940's, later moving and working in Amarillo, TX until his passing in 1990.  Big Bud trained his eldest son, Snake Yates, who subsequently trained his brother Daniel Yates and younger brother Uncle Bud Yates.  Snake opened his studio in 1972 which is still in operation to this date, the "World Famous Snake's Tattoo  Company" which is the oldest tattoo studio in Colorado Springs, located at 2340 East Platte Ave.  Uncle Bud Yates worked alongside his brother from 1978 until 1982 when he then opened Pikes Peak Tattoo.  Now the second oldest tattoo studio located at 902 N Circle Dr., Suite 101.  

     Read the entire article and view the presentation at radio Colorado College. Thanks to Ruby Kimberly for an excellent job in producing this fantastic presentation.  


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The NEW FACE of (and new faces at) PPT

Lots of changes have been happening at Pikes Peak Tattoo, and obviously the rumor of our demise was just that, a rumor. To improve on customer service and give you the best possible tattoo experience we have made changes to some of our staff. Please come in and say hi to Aunti Brinda, owner, Eric Hayes, Christopher Long, an old but familiar face "Jackhammer" Jim Woodward. 

Family and friends are always welcome, this includes your children if they are well behaved!  However, children can not be in the procedure areas but can sit in the lobby.   Sorry no pets allowed.  (Certified Service Animals permitted).



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Sunlight & Tattoos

The original idea behind this post was to give an "in-depth" look into the damaging facts of the Sun's UV rays on tattoos, however, I then realized that most of the people to whom that would be directed at, would not take the time to read it. So instead, here's a list of reasons/ways to keep those UV rays off your tattoos.

  1. A tattoo costs money – protect your investment!
  2. The Sun UV Rays WILL fade/damage any tattoo
  3. Minimum of SPF 30 Sunblock – Reapplied Hourly
  4. Long sleeve shirts actually keep you cooler in the Summer Heat
  5. Clouds don't block UV Rays


The Health & Safety of YOUR Tattoo

If you've ever watched a professional tattooer set up their workstation in preparation for the permanent application of body art on a client, you may have noticed how much time and care they take into making the procedure area as clean and hygienic as possible. All the equipment being used has been sanitized, the needles and tubes are sterilized...

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