In order to keep up with demands we are looking for a new artist. Experience is required and you will have to pass a background check. If you are interested in joining our dynamic team please feel free to contact us.


We have fabulous artists!!

Come in and look at all the artists portfolios and meet the most talented individuals that are the leading edge in the tattoo industry.  A mix of traditional, new school, East L.A. Black and Gray, fabulous portrait work, impressive color work and the newest in technique.  Check out the artist's galleries on our web site to see for yourself!


We offer a 20% Military Discount on Tattoos

We here at Pikes Peak Tattoo want a way to say Thank You to our Active Enlisted Military!  We appreciate all that you do!

Sunlight & Tattoos

The original idea behind this post was to give an "in-depth" look into the damaging facts of the Sun's UV rays on tattoos, however, I then realized that most of the people to whom that would be directed at, would not take the time to read it. So instead, here's a list of reasons/ways to keep those UV rays off your tattoos.

  1. A tattoo costs money – protect your investment!
  2. The Sun UV Rays WILL fade/damage any tattoo
  3. Minimum of SPF 30 Sunblock – Reapplied Hourly
  4. Long sleeve shirts actually keep you cooler in the Summer Heat
  5. Clouds don't block UV Rays


The Health & Safety of YOUR Tattoo

If you've ever watched a professional tattooer set up their workstation in preparation for the permanent application of body art on a client, you may have noticed how much time and care they take into making the procedure area as clean and hygienic as possible. All the equipment being used has been sanitized, the needles and tubes are sterilized...

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